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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Christmas In Luxembourg, Ohio: Index Post

When Jill O'Leary, a Los Angeles accountant, has to go home to Luxembourg, OH to save her family's inn right before Christmas, she expects problems with her ex, with her mother Regina, with her sisters, with her late dad's financial affairs. What she doesn't expect is drama of Shakespearean proportions. This is what happens when a Hallmark Christmas movie turns into King Lear.

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David of Oz said...

Thank you very much for this most enjoyable Christmas story. We have been sharing it around the family and greatly appreciate all the effort you have made over such a busy time! Well done.

Amber said...

My daughter and I enjoyed your Christmas story, and I think you did well meeting the criteria you laid out at the beginning. We particularly appreciated the nods to Lear, especially the scene with where the mother demands to know what the daughters think of her. Nice job making it echo Lear without slavishly following it. And Kudos for not only writing something worth reading, but also doing it during such a busy time of year!

Brandon said...

I wish I had had time to comment more on this; I fell a bit behind due to grading and travel.

The Lear is nicely done; I caught on to it very late, although I'm sure the combination of the punning on the names and the mother's demand would have alerted someone more on their toes. The joke of making Lear a romantic comedy in Hallmark Christmas style is well played. And, a bit weirdly, but somehow very fittingly, the Bollywoodesque elements manage to fit both simultaneously.

Although it fell out a bit toward the end, I thought the fact that the 'soundtrack' for the story consisted of a series of songs ranging from tacky to oddly done was quite funny, too.

I think in a real Hallmark movie we'd see more of Garrett French's side, but it was very Hallmarkesque, at least from the handful I've seen. Of course, real Hallmark movies are generally less funny.

Zagorka said...

Thank you, it was so fun!

mandamum said...

Very fun! I only realized the Lear bit when I saw your intro on this pg. So then it was pleasing to realize Del is CorDELia :)

Antoinette said...

An excellent Hallmark romance mixed with King Lear. Your creativity is amazing.

Heather said...

This was a delightfully fun story! Thank you for writing it. I recognized the Lear element when her mother made her demands, but the names didn't dawn on me until you revealed Del's full name. Great fun, thank you!