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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Christmas in Luxembourg, Part 13


Amita was enchanted by everything about Ohio — the flatness, the fields, the snow that fell relentlessly during the hour and a half ride from the Columbus airport. Jill nodded and smiled, but mainly she concentrated, white-knuckled, on keeping the car on the road. Small remote town living was charming until you were in a virtual whiteout, wondering when the next marker of civilization was going to appear, or if you were going to skid and die in a forest ditch in the middle of nowhere.

“So tell me all about everyone,” Amita demanded. “What happened with the ex-boyfriend?”

“Nothing, really. He’s a normal guy trying to run a business.”

“Anything going on there?”

“He has a wife and two kids. And we don’t have anything in common anymore, if we ever did.”

Amita collapsed in disappointment. “So much for romance.”

“Would you consider my mother’s real-estate nemesis an acceptable substitute? Smokes, has father issues and used to be an alcoholic, but is single and easy on the eyes.”

“Jill…” Amita scolded, fixed her with a stern eye. “Sounds like a bad bet to me.”

“He’s also patient and gentle and he says, ‘Ergo’.” 

“Points to him, I guess, but he still sounds kinda sketch to me.”

“And then there’s our man of mystery, Mr. Singh. Tall, dark, elegant, seems to know everything. Probably royalty. Certainly rich.”

Amita was not impressed. “I’d stick with the nemesis. At least he’s probably a real person.”

A real person. Amita was right that on paper, Garrett did sound like a bad bet. Jill was ashamed of herself for playing up his flaws, but they were really flaws. If she’d heard some man described that same way, she would have written him off as bad news, not worth the trouble of building a relationship. But Garrett himself, in in the fullness of his person, was very good news to Jill. He was more than his past, whatever it was. And he’d seen some fairly ugly sides of Jill herself and had not rejected her yet.

They had not seen each other since Mother’s rampage, but he had texted her the next morning to check on her, and they had been exchanging quiet messages on and off for several days. It was new and strange to be peaceful with someone — not just withdrawn or guarded or civil, but truly pacific. Garrett brought out this hidden quality in her. Was there anything hidden in him that only she could bring out?

There was space for lots of lovely meditation there, but Amita was pushing onward. “How about your mother? What’s going on with her?”

Jill sighed, her bubble of serenity burst. “How can you talk to someone who’s the center of her own universe? Nothing I say is right. But I’m going to finish this job anyway.”

“And then? Which of the guys do you pick?”

Jill snorted. “What do you mean, which do I pick? What is this, a Hallmark movie? Why should these men be my only options simply because they all reside in my hometown at this particular point on the space-time continuum?”

But Amita was an incurable romantic. “Los Angeles is full of men, but you’re still single. Maybe you’ve been subconsciously waiting for all these years to come back home.”

“You’re single too!”

Amita grinned and extended her arms to embrace the car, the snow, the blurred outlines that indicated that they’d entered the forest. “So it’s time for Ohio to work its Christmas magic on me!”

“I’m not sure you understand Ohio, or Christmas, or magic,” Jill humphed, but resist as she might, Amita’s cheer was piercing her gloomy soul. 



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Get well soon. We are enjoying the updates and share them around the family.

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