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Monday, December 12, 2005

Update from Zarqawi

Iowahawk posts the latest from Zarqawi: I'm Surrounded by Idiots. (Warning: Massive language alert; DO NOT READ if you're going to come back here and complain in my comments box about the shocking terminology!) He includes an IM exchange between Zarqawi and Saddam, and Zarqawi's Christmas wish list.
Anyhoo, gotta close, my Zarky-sense is tingling and that usually means jarheads in the neighborhood. Before I split, isn't it close to that big infidel holiday where you give each other free shit? Especially if they're needy? Just so you know, we're running low on a lot of stuff: underwear, ammo, electrical wiring, sterile gauze, stuff like that. You kuffars are always bragging about your holiday cheer, but the only package we've gotten this year is that a cheesy "Hang In There Baby" poster from Howard Dean.
Very profane, very funny.


Bernard Brandt said...

I'm shocked, shocked to find profane language referred to at your website!

And in that vein, how did you like "No Christmas for you" at, that I referred to in my weblog? Do make sure that the Darwin offspring aren't around when you do, though.

Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

LOL!!! I LOVED it!!

Dominus Tecum, frate.

mrsdarwin said...

Bernie --
I went to check it out, but this computer upstairs doesn't have flash (cuz it's Linux and Darwin would have to go into the command line and junk) and I haven't gotten around to pulling it up on the laptop. I mean to, though -- profanity generally only bothers me when it's my daughters listening to the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. I never use it myself, though -- too many little ears around here.