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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Please enjoy this humorous blogging of a topical nature

Darwin, having once run quality control on tech support calls to an Indian call center, will assuredly appreciate this one: Iowahawk has outsourced his humor column.
Hello, all readers of the humorous Iowahawk blog! Permit me please to introduce myself, I am Shecky Naharajan. In an effort to better serve you, the topical humor customer, and to contain ever-increasing blogging costs, Mister David Burge has retained the services of my firm, Risibility Outsourcing Systems Ltd. of Bangalore. With a staff of over 18,000 skilled japery craftsmen working in modern plants from Delhi to Goa, ROS is the subcontinent's leader in low cost, high productivity zaniness. So let us without further delay begin the current events levity!
Do the needful and read the whole thing.

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Fred said...

when the phone rang for my wife, the caller was informed that she was not available. So, the caller asked if her master was available.