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Monday, March 08, 2010

Various and Sundry, Boring Edition

I procrastinate, therefore I blog.


Nashville peoples, we will be stopping in your fair city on the evening of Wednesday March 17, but we'll be arriving too late to meet up. If you'd like to do breakfast somewhere, let me know. We have to leave the area by 10 AM on Thursday at the latest.


If you'd be so good, please keep my sister in your prayers -- she's a week overdue, and baby seems exceptionally comfortable right where she is.


We're trying not to give way to full-blown panic at the thought of leaving on a big vacation in a week. Packing starts today. I'm tempted to just keep the kids in one outfit all week and get all their stuff safely stowed away early. I'm sure they'd love wearing the same clothes for seven days.


On top of vacation stuff, we have First Communion in six weeks. I've found a dress for the young communicant (maybe it would be a good idea to order it instead of just looking at the picture online), but other stuff like veils and shoes have not even been on my radar. And parties afterward, and out-of-town guests.


When the dishwasher first broke, we thought, "Oh, maybe this is a chance to simplify and get back to basics." And for a week, we kept on top of the washing and the counter was even clean. Now, a month later, we wash what we need before meals, cursing the hiding silverware. The repair guy comes today, and I say, "Simplifying is for the birds."


Anonymous said...

sending an email

Rebekka said...

The dishwasher IS simplification in comparison to washing up by hand. You just have to press a few buttons. What's more simple than that? Plus you get to hide the dirty dishes in a special box just for them, and not risk the complications of forks encrusted to your countertop. SO simple!

Emily J. said...

Yikes! Veils? Shoes? We have First Communion May 1, and I didn't even know I had to think about those things. Boys are so much easier to dress. Thanks for the reminder.

RL said...

When the repairman comes out and quotes a price, keep one thing in mind. In April, GovCo is having a cash for clunkers type thing for energy efficient appliances. Our dishwasher is toast too, but we've already been shopping and decided to wait for April. The rebate should be around $200 off, and the guy at Lowe's said they're talking about having a 10% off sale on all qualifying appliances. It's entirely possible you could get a new, more efficient, dishwasher for the same money as a repair.

Note on the rebate: You have to send for the rebate in the beginning of April and they go into effect in the middle of the month.

Mama Bean said...

" get to hide the dirty dishes in a special box just for them." LOL that is So true. we have been without dishwasher since we moved in 2008. of all the things i want in our next house, even more than a second bathroom, is a special box for my dirty dishes :)

Elizabeth M said...

Suggestion for First Communion accessories -- keep an eye out around Easter for white shoes, tights, etc. After Easter, the pickings get slim. I learned the hard way last year -- and had several trips to various stores to find white shoes in the right size.

If you need gloves or a little white sweater (in case of cool weather or a sleeveless dress)....Easter is the time to find it at any local department store or even Target, etc.

There are also a number of good Catholic sources online for veils, etc. (as well as First Communion ties, tie tacks, etc. for boys) that may be much less expensive than other sources.

Catholic Bibliophagist said...

I strongly advise ordering the First Communion Dress now. If you wait till later they may be out of her size and there will follow much gnashing of teeth and hassle.


Jordana said...

Though I'm a total slacker who often doesn't get the homeschool day started until after 10 in the morning, I could be persuaded to get moving earlier in order to have breakfast with the Darwins. :)

As for First Communion stuff. I have a dress for the First Communicant. I need to start getting all the rest of that stuff girls need pulled together. Boys are a lot easier!

Amber said...

Gack, shoes and tights!!! Thank you so much for the reminder. And here I was feeling so smug because I happened to find a great dress at the kid's consignment store back in November.

The Opinionated Homeschooler said...

New: Burlington Coat Factory
'Vintage': eBay

eBay, absolutely! Especially if you want one that actually covers the head.

Anonymous said...

How lazy are we? We argue over whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher! Here's hoping there'll be some further simplifications to that technology.

Dorian Speed said...

My planning for our First Communion celebration in April has consisted so far of calling up a maid service to find out how much it would cost for a one-time super spring cleaning.

Answer: a part-time job at a bookstore for a month, or something equivalent. Which I personally feel might be worth it.