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Friday, August 20, 2010

Two More Snow White Take

This is my favorite version of Snow White: Willa: An American Snow White, set in 1915. The jealous stepmother is an aging actress who's retired early so that she may only be remembered as young and beautiful; the "dwarves" are three performers in a travelling medicine show, and the prince is a young Englishman who wants to make them new-fangled moving pictures. The sets and costumes are beautiful, and the performances are pitch-perfect, especially "Chief Tonka", the medicine show Indian who's actually an Irish clown.

(The Amazon price is outrageous, but might give you enough information to find it somewhere else.)

And here's what Snow White's body language translates to in a real person:

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Unknown said...

You can pick Willa up at the library also. I think that's where we saw it for the first time.