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Monday, September 12, 2011

Employment for All: Response to the Response

Alex has a response up at Christian Economics to my post.


Tausign said...

From your interlocutor's last rebuttal..."I really appreciate Darwin taking on the task of engaging in a debate over a topic I have studied more intensely than he has."

I can honestly say I admire your forbearance.

Darwin said...

I don't think Alex meant any vaunting by it. Just to give context (as the remark might otherwise seem odd):

When we'd started arguing about some of these matters I'd expressed a certain hesitation to put myself on record debating an economic theory I'd never heard of before with a economics PhD student who was making it one of his primary areas of interest.

I've appreciated that Alex has refrained entirely from any sort of academic rank-pulling of the, "If you haven't read Bullworthy on Malfeasance Theory, then there's really no point in listening to you," variety.