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Monday, October 03, 2011

Video Roundup: Campaign edition!

Now it is time for good men to assess the candidates. Upon our left, we have the incumbent.

Upon our right, the Texan.

But hark! The Texan promises a blockbuster campaign!

The Blackadder, my campaign video source, offers a critique of this promised cinematic treat. 
Some explosions would also have been nice. Also, where are the women in this movie? Would it have been so hard to write in a part for a strong female supporting role, perhaps a very conservative congresswoman who at a key moment can be revealed to be a double agent working for President Zero (is Megan Fox available?) And at the risk of being "that guy," don't we need to be worried that the emphasis on America-specific themes is going to hurt overseas sales?
Maybe we could do a rewrite where President Zero is an ex-oil company executive who, in turns out, has engineered the economic collapse as a means of benefiting his old company? And it turns out that Zero was also the guy responsible for Rick Perry's wife, kids, and family dog being murdered as part of a secret government cover-up of an oil spill? I'm just brainstorming here.

They ought to just settle things with a Gang Fight.

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