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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Return of Anna

Happiness is having all six siblings in the same house.

And here's the sort of thing that happens when we all get together: music breaks out. Here's the famous Anna Egan singing Lied Der Braut at 1 AM.

Featuring Pidge and her expressions.

Six of us, plus my brother-in-law and his twin. There will be Irish music and Christmas music and standards and my brother singing "Don't Stop Believing" in a very creditable falsetto.  Put in a request, and maybe we'll record it and post it for you.


cyurkanin said...

Free Birrrrrrd!!!

Pentimento said...

I'm a big fan of Anna's talent, as you know, and she didn't let me down here at 1 A.M. Merry Christmas to all a youse!

Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP said...

If and only if the spirit moves you, I'd love to hear yall's version of any of the following:

1) Any Schubert Lied

2) 'Coventry Carol'

3) 'Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming'

4) Some creamy-sounding WWII-era song, like 'We'll Meet Again' or 'Apple Blossom Time'

5) 'Siboney'

In any event, have a great time, and thanks for the blogging! Blessings on your household.

MrsDarwin said...

Merry Christmas, Pentimento!

Angelico, we got one or two for you, at this advanced hour. Alas, the Lied der Braut was the only vocal performance piece Anna had that I could learn quickly enough to play for recording.

Dorian Speed said...

What a wonderful family. These recordings are terrific!