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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Catholic Writers Conference

Jennifer Fitz (who writes at Riparians at the Gate) is, it seems, one of the organizers of the Catholic Writers Conference which will be taking place in Arlington, Texas in three weeks (Aug. 29-31) asked us to let readers know about the event in case they are interested in attending. Registration at the Catholic Writers Conference also gets you into the Catholic Marketing Network conference which is taking place at the same time and place and gets you a discount on registration for the Catholic New Media Conference.

For those who are in the Dallas area (or those interested in going there to mingle with other Catholic writer folk) this is your chance!

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Jennifer Fitz said...

Darwin, thanks for the mention! Should be a good event.

For those who aren't aware, the "Catholic Marketing Network" is the trade organization for Catholic bookstores ... so it's sort of a reader's paradise. A lot of bookstores drive in with an empty car, fill up with boxes of books from the the major Catholic publishers, and drive home their inventory for the coming year.

So I couldn't really resist a chance to see that happen in person, instead of just hearing the tales from my local bookstore owner.

(And also there's a writing conference. :-)