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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Last Duel

It's hard to establish a "last" something, since one could always have another, but apparently an duel in 1967 has a fairly good claim to be the last high profile duel in France. I've found several references to it but this blog post seems to have pulled together a good description of the events and also a video:
That last duel was between Gaston Defferre, socialist deputy and mayor of Marseille and the gaullist deputy from Seine-et-Oise, René Ribière. During a debate at the French National Assembly, Defferre was irritated by Ribière's interventions and clamours and said to him "shut up, you moron!".

After that, considering himself publicly offended and with Defferre refusing to apologize, Ribière provoked him in a sword duel to the first blood.

With the arbitrator and their witnesses, they avoided the police and the duel took place in a private residence of Neully. Defferre refused to use dulled swords.

Ribière was wounded a first time in the arm but refused to stop and Defferre slightly hurt him a second time. Ribière decided it was enough and that his honor was satisfied (it was his first duel and he had to get married the next day).

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