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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Name the Stillwater Meme

Calling Stillwater readers! 

I'm stuck on a dumb point: I can't think up a name for the meme inspired by Ian and Sophia's disastrous TV appearance.

The camera panned over to focus on the white face of Sophia Spencer Dalton, gaping in shock at Ian Winter next to her. His arm was draped over her shoulders but he couldn’t seem to turn his eyes away from the train wreck on stage. A weak smile was still plastered on his face. 

It's only a passing reference, but it's driving me nuts. Help me out and tell me what the title of the meme is and what the memebase description would be. If it strikes my fancy, I may just use it in the next installment. More importantly, you'll recharge my creative juices so I can post the next section before I go on vacation next week.

We're only about three installments from the end of the story. So close, so close...


Otepoti said...

Winter of Discontent!
(But you thought of that already?)

entropy said...

"Sophia's Chagrin"
For use when caught picking your nose or cuckolding your husband.

mandamum said...

Ooh, you can do some interesting things with the name "Sophia" too: sophistry, sophomoric.... "Sophia-stry: when cheating on your husband is fine as long as you don't embarrass him (and yourself) by being outed on national TV"?

I can't think of a good meme title, though. I like the host's comment "Oh no he didn't!" (from faulty memory). Or, playing on the Winter as Otepoti did, "Winter's Tale" (didn't that Shakespeare play have adultery issues?)

Enbrethiliel said...


I've been going through Memestache, hoping to get inspired, but all I think at the end is that other people will always be more creative about humour than I will. =P I can most easily imagine Carson Winter being a meme similar to Sheltered Suburban Mom or High Expectations Asian Father.

"Invites you to his talk show appearance . . . Reveals your affair on live television" But what "type" is he?

Sophia makes me think of Sitting Duck Sophia--because that's what she was in the audience. But I can't come up with a snappy two-liner for her.

Enbrethiliel said...


This won't be very helpful, but I can't resist sharing . . . I was just giggling over another #ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin tweet, when I remembered Ian and Sophia. They're the "YouPlayin" part. =P