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Monday, February 23, 2015


Here's some random linkage for you. Now I can finally close all these tabs in my browser.

The Sound of Proto-Indo-European. We enjoyed listening to the fable and identifying roots, such as "rex" as part of the word for "king".

The dramatic story of the famous Doves typeface, which was found in the Thames almost 100 years after its creator threw every piece of letterpress, almost a ton of it, off Hammersmith Bridge.

Also, you can buy a facsimile font of The Doves, painstakingly created first from careful observation of books printed in it, and then refined after the designer financed the diving expedition that recovered the original type. Darwin and I are salivating over this, though what would we do with this font? Maybe DarwinCatholic needs a facelift...

If you live somewhere where the windchill was hitting the negative teens last week, such as, say, central Ohio, you might appreciate Robert Service's poem The Cremation of Sam McGee.

As an example of how long a good commercial can stick with you, here's a Snickers commercial from the 90s that I remember like I saw it yesterday (which I did, but I mean yesterday for the first time):

Another favorite of mine, from about the same time, I think:

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