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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Music: Prayer to Jesus

Our warmest Thanksgiving wishes to all, as we sit here waiting for our dinner to digest sufficiently to allow us to approach the four pies. The fire is lit, Inspector Clouseau is detecting onscreen, and when it comes time for making music with my brother and sister and dad, here's what we'll sing:


Brandon said...

How did you end up liking the Inspector Clouseau?

mrsdarwin said...

Oh, marvelously well. We had to keep shushing the small fry at the beginning, but eventually all the noisemakers left the room and the rest of us could settle into our hysterics. You were right about the nudist colony scene -- it was about as tastefully, ridiculously done as possible. We had a completely mixed age group, 59 - 8 months, and no one was squeamish except the 13yo, who's in that phase where everything is embarrassing. By the end we were all bawling as the group drove away in Clouseau's car. It was a delightful close to the day -- thanks for bringing it to my attention!