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Monday, April 04, 2016

Have Mercy

We were on spring break vacation last week (hence the light posting), and now we're back, and there is So Much To Do. I don't feel like doing any of it. I don't feel like doing anything, really. In fact, I kind of wish everything would go away. My first inclination was to assume that I was being my usual slacker self, unproductive while the rest of the world toils, but in keeping with the Year of Mercy, I tried to step out of my own head and take an objective view. Could it just be possible that my desire to sit around and not do anything has to do with the increasing thickness and ache in my throat?

I don't really have anywhere deep to go with this (not because I've lost the capacity for deep thought, but because my head is heavy), but listen: judge not, not even yourself. Be merciful on yourself as you would be with others. Even your own circumstances may be a mystery to you, not clearly understood except in hindsight. So, have mercy. And if you need to, go back to bed.

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mandamum said...

Hear hear :) Our family has been felled, one by one, by this stupid mega-cold (starting with the babies, of course, who are now full of bouncing energy while the big kids and adults still drag). I was the last down, yesterday as we stayed home from Mass to offer everyone the Mercy of not-sharing-germs. And now we sort of shuffle around half-awake, or just wait for the mythical well-person to come take care of us :) and try to keep the cheerful little people from burning down or flooding the house. So we spent Easter Week caring for the sick, and apparently will spend our Spring Break week dragging slowly back into regular life. BUT my prayers for a healthy Triduum/Easter Sunday *were* answered, so "Praise God for Answered Prayers" :) and praise Him too for small sacrifices to offer up now, IF I can offer them instead of just being grumpy at all comers.....