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Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Prayer for my Beloved

Today is our 15th anniversary. How incredible to write those words: 15th anniversary. It seems like forever; it seems like no time at all.

O Jesus, I ask you to grant my love every good gift. Give him grace, strength, and wisdom; give him fortitude and prudence and charity. Give him riches, spiritual riches that will last into eternity. Give him peace and purity and patience. Give him rest.

And choose me, Jesus. Choose me to be the one through whom he receives these gifts. Allow me to be your way of loving him on earth. Keep us always united in your love.

May our marriage on earth be a sign of the perfect love of heaven, and may we come, with our children, into eternal life with you.



Brandon said...

Happy Anniversary! You are an extraordinary couple.

Rob said...

I forgot we were married so close together. Fifteen years and we still hardly know anything. May all the best years be ahead of you.

Enbrethiliel said...


This is so beautiful! Happy Anniversary!

Katie said...

Beautiful! Happy anniversary! My sister was married on the same day.

Itinérante said...

Happy Anniversary! You are both very inspiring!!

Bob the Ape said...

Happy anniversary!

Julia said...

What a beautiful picture, and beautiful prayer.