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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Paul Post

Friends, we are alive and we are well, and we are consumed by baby. And since baby consumes so much of our time (literally, he consumes me much of the time), we are not writing so much. But we are taking pictures. Here, have some photos.

Paul is suspicious of the world and does not generally open his eyes. You might not either, if you were soft and small as a dolly, and your three-year-old brother longed to beat you about the head.

Big brother is suffering from a bit of sibling jealousy. He doesn't want to be a baby himself, but he doesn't know how to be gentle. This is what happens when you've been the youngest in a big family: you play up, not down. Also, he's totally nuts.

Last Sunday Paul was baptized, and so is no longer a little heathen child.

He put off the old man...

...and put on the new.

He was much happier as the old man.

Soon, we will start writing again. Darwin is still plugging away at his novel, and saw Dunkirk this week, so that's two posts. One day I'll write up a birth story. (You can tell everything went well because I haven't had to process it by writing about it.) But right now, while we're still relearning how to pack a diaper bag (that's true), it's baby all the time. And I can't imagine a better way to be.


mandamum said...

To me, Paul looks just like Darwin in that first picture (profile) and like you in the second (full face) - hurrah for genetics :)

Congrats again. I hear you on relearning the diaper bag. I took one of my younger kids, as a relatively fresh baby, to my grandmother's house an hour away from my parents' house without bringing a diaper bag at all, because "take the diaper bag" had fallen from my mental list of "when we leave the house". One blowout later, I was reminded and chastened.

Julie D. said...

I love this! Thank you for the photos and congratulations! :-)

Finicky Cat said...

What a little sweetie pie! Gosh, but he makes me miss my own long-gone newborns...