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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Orphan Opening: The Castle

They sat at the table and watched Maureen's retreating back as she stumped through the crowded lobby to the restroom.

"How is the blind date going?" she asked.

"Blindly," he said. "I thought that we'd have lots in common, but I can't get a conversation going. I start a topic, we talk for a moment, and then it fizzles out. I'm starting to wear out."

She sighed. "When they wanted to set you two up, I told them that's how it would be. Maureen needs a knight who will charge the castle, batter down the walls, carry her out, set her on his horse, and whisk her away into the sunset."

"Every lady deserves her knight," he said. "But storming the castle is not everyone's style." He glanced at her. "I would not have pegged you as wanting a knight to break through your defenses."

"Nothing so easy," she said. "All he needs to do is to go quietly around the castle walls, find the small hidden door, unlock it, and walk right in."

"And how does he have the key?"

She looked at him. "Because he has the same door."

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