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Friday, October 30, 2020

Mrs Wilson

 Let me enjoin you, if you have Amazon Prime, to drop whatever you're doing and watch all three episodes of Mrs Wilson, streaming through tomorrow (10/31). 

This is a fascinating story of lies, of family and official deception, of forgiveness, and of learning to have faith in God.

Actress Ruth Wilson plays the title character, who is also her grandmother. Here, she talks about playing such a personal role, and how the family is still learning about the man who was her grandfather.

After watching this with our 17yo and 14yo, Darwin and I were happy to attest that our lives were open books, and that we had people who could vouch that we met at 18, and that everyone knows we just don't have time for any kind of secret life.

ADDED: Also, if you want to stroke your chin and speculate on the accuracy of the depictions of barely post-conciliar Catholicism in England, and was that a historically accurate cutting edge thing? or did the filmmakers just not grok the major shifts going on in the Catholic world at that time?, this series has got your back.

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All Saints Academy said...

I thoroughly enjoyed that series a few year ago.