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Thursday, December 03, 2020

Weekend entertainment: Hollywood Squares!

Craving a vintage game show this weekend? Do you have your TV dinner and your ashtray to hand? How about catching an old-school Hollywood Squares episode from Delaware, OH's leading (and only) community theater, featuring yours truly as Minnie Pearl?

Note the green screen: everything was rehearsed and filmed on Zoom, as befitting these distanced times. 

Our family is going to watch on Friday night, but whether you tune in Friday, Saturday, or Sunday at 7:00 pm EST, you'll get classic zingers, mid-century hair, celebrity impersonations, and (I think) some old-fashioned ads. Sitting in the squares are Paul Lynde (in the center square, of course), Minnie Pearl, Rose Marie, Redd Foxx, Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis, Jimmy Stewart, Charley Weaver, George Gobel, and Karen Valentine.

The show will stream on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday on Facebook Live (no account needed). Tickets are 8.99 per screen, so gather the whole family round.

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