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Sunday, January 03, 2021

The Friendship of Christ, Reading Schedule

Greetings, friends! Erin at Bearing Blog has put together our reading plan for The Friendship of Christ. The day after each reading, either Erin or I will post about the chapter/section, and anyone reading along can comment or link to their own posts. I'll link to all Erin's posts here at DarwinCatholic, and of course everything will also be easy to follow along with over at The Friendship of Christ Reading Group on Facebook.


Part I:

Monday, Jan. 4: Ch1, "The Friendship of Christ (General)"

Thursday, Jan. 7: Ch2, "The Friendship of Christ (Interior)"

Monday, Jan. 11: Ch3, "The Purgative Way"

Thursday, Jan. 14: Ch4, "The Illuminative Way"

Day off to allow for the long MLK weekend

Part II:

Thursday, Jan. 21: Ch5, "Christ in the Eucharist"

Monday, Jan. 25: Ch6, "Christ in the Church"

Thursday, Jan. 28: Ch7, "Christ in the Priest"

Monday, Feb. 1: Ch8, "Christ in the Saint"

Thursday, Feb. 4: Catch-up day or open thread.

Monday, Feb. 8: Ch9, "Christ in the Sinner"

Thursday, Feb. 11: Ch10, "Christ in the Average Man"

Monday, Feb. 15: Ch11, "Christ in the Sufferer."

Day off for Ash Wednesday Feb. 17

Part III.

Chapter 12, "Christ Our Friend Crucified" is an extended meditation on the Seven Last Words from the Cross, which we'll break into four pieces: I, II-III, IV-V, and VI-VII. Page numbers listed below are from the paperback.

Monday, Feb. 22: 12.I. "Father, forgive them," pp. 97-104

Thursday Feb. 25: 12.II. "This day thou shalt be with me"/ III. "Behold thy Mother", pp. 104-113

Monday, Mar. 1: 12. IV. "My God, My God"/ V. "I thirst", pp. 113-122

Thursday, Mar. 4: 12.VI "It is finished"/ VII. "Father, into Your hands", pp. 122-130

Monday, Mar. 8: Ch13, "Christ Our Friend Vindicated"

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