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Saturday, August 28, 2021

Ultimate Jane Austen Hero Bracket: Round Three

Some tough choices were made in this round.  

Edward Ferrars proved to be no match for Mr. Knightley, eliminating our first true Austen hero in a rout almost as complete as the details of all Emma's plans for Miss Harriet Smith.

In a much narrower contest, aging mature heartthrob Colonel Brandon edged out young and light-hearted Henry Tilney, despite the former's ownership of a flannel waistcoat.

The other two contests were not close.  Mr. Darcy nearly shut out Mr. Willoughby in a 64 to 1 vote, while Mr. Collins pulled in 6 votes to Captain Wentworth's 61.

In round three, it's all tough choices.  Mr. Darcy vs Mr. Knightley in the "I didn't realize I loved him until the last minute" elimination round.  And for those whose hearts go pitter pat when the militia marches through Meryton, what could be better than the Army vs. Navy contest of Colonel Brandon vs. Captain Wentworth.

Cast your votes.  It's 1800, so vote early and often and bring out all your rotten boroughs.  Only two Austen heroes can move to the final round.

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