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Monday, June 20, 2005

Condor Omelette

I've always expected to see a cartoon like this. Can't imagine why it took so long for someone to draw the obvious. Do click. (And browse around CatholicRagemonkey. It's a good blog.)

Now, the sad thing is, I have the feeling a lot of people would figure the rebuttal was simple: There aren't many condors and there are billions of humans, so it's more important to protect unborn condors than unborn humans.

A number of years back when I was living in SoCal, a woman was killed by a mountain lion while she was out jogging in the hills. The police proceeded to track down and shoot the mountian lion.

Now the jogger was a mother who left behind several kids, and the mountion lion was a female with several cubs. A local church started a fund to collect donations for the kids, and a local environmental concern started a collection for the cubs. The cubs got ten times as much money donated.

When a reporter interviewed someone at the cub fund and asked if she felt bad that people seemed to care so much more about the cubs than the kids, she replied: "Well, it's simple. There aren't that many mountain lions..."

Call me speciesist, but it seems to me like, all religious concerns aside, we could put a lot more value on members (or "potential members" if you insist) of our own species than of others. I'm not saying we should rape and destroy the rest of the planet. But we are humans, and all other things aside, that ought to mean something.

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CincyDarwin said...

Reminds me of a bumper sticker which must have originated from Operation Rescue (during the times when rescuers sat on the steps of the abortuaries to attempt to discourage a mother from entering to have an abortion):

Be a hero,
Save a whale,
Save a baby,
Go to jail.