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Monday, June 27, 2005

The Land of the Wolves

Stanley Kurtz over at The Corner points to this article about the return of wolves to vast regions of Europe. As the depopulation crisis deepens in Europe, tiny farms and villages have been deserted and the land is reverting to a natural state. Two new packs of wolves have formed in Germany, and a third is likely to split off and head toward Berlin.

--I had a great desire to write some scathingly brilliant commentary upon this subject; it should have been all too easy with such an evocative metaphor as wolves descending upon Berlin. But, gentle readers, we are leaving on vacation tomorrow (blogging will henceforth be "light", as they say, for the next week) and there are a million things to do. I did not want to deprive you of this insightful article, though, so please read it, even without the benefit of my scintillating intellect.


Rufus McCain said...

The next step is to relocate some grizzly bears from northern Montana.

Unknown said...

Actually, I'm rather glad to hear this- wolves have better family values than a lot of people in Europe...