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Monday, December 05, 2005

As musical tastes change

First, a quote from Futurama:
Nibblonian: You are the last hope of the universe.
Fry: So I really am important? How I feel when I'm drunk is correct?
Nibblonian: Yes - except the Dave Matthews Band doesn't rock.
I was thinking of this the other day because I realized that it's time to clear our some of our old CDs from our music collection. I listened to a lot of Dave Matthews in college -- in fact, every time I hear "Crash" I'm instantly transported to the semester I stayed up late every night trying to pull together my design work for Taming of the Shrew... yikes. But a few months ago Darwin and I had a long drive and so popped in a Dave Matthews CD. It just didn't hold up -- how many booze-fueled rambling jam sessions with adolescent moonings about sex and drugs are really that interesting, in the final analysis? I can't remember why I found it so fascinating -- perhaps it was Boyd Tinsley's rock violin riffs. Sic transit gloria.

It's also time to find a safer place for the music we want to keep. The girls are veritable raiders in their search for new items to destroy, and several of our old favorites have become scratched beyond playability. My worst shock, however, came just the other day as I was doing a job upstairs. Hearing an indecipherable high-pitched conversation coming from the stereo, I wondered what DVD the girls had just put on, or if they'd managed to work the cable box and turn on the TV. As I was turning to head downstairs and check it out, the speakers started blaring the soundtrack from Pulp Fiction!

I flew downstairs, shrieking myself, and snatched it out of the CD player, wondering a) how on earth the girls happened to root out that one CD from the furthest, highest pile, and b) if they would remember any of the words they heard from the little string of profanities that starts off the thing. So far neither girl has announced a robbery and told all the m*** f***s to put their hands up... (Mommy shudders).

Yep, time to prune the collection and focus on quality.

UPDATE: given that as I typed up this entry the VERY SAME THING happened again, you can be sure about the first CD to go.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how your tastes change as you mature? We had the same problem when our children were younger, but more with some of our movies rather than our music. We did end up getting rid of some of both, thankfully. We definitely didn't want our kids seeing or hearing something that wasn't appropriate and we figured at that point, maybe it wasn't the best thing for us either!
A blessed day to you all!

Jen Ambrose said...

After I bought the new Nine Inch Nails CD a few months ago, I realized the Parental Warning Sticker has a new meaning--parents should not listen to it in front of the kids.

F. S. Poesy said...

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your CDs will never be safe. They will just face new and different dangers.

A case in point: my college age daughter has told my wife how all her friends think her CD collection is sooooo eclectic and cool. The only problem is that it is OUR CD collection that she slowly and methodically "acquired" over the last few years. We are only now starting to see their return as she is in the process of ripping them all to disk for her ipod Nano.