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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Check your Fictional Gullibility

Here's a neat quiz: How Gullible are you? What kind of anti-catholic novel would reel you in?

How gullible are you? What kind of anti-Catholic novel would be most likely to reel you in?

You are most gullible when it comes to GOTHIC NOVELS and anything else horrifying and sensational enough. The thought that the Catholic Church is hiding secrets sparks your imagination; and both fictional and real-life stories of scandals and intrigues only confirm your suspicions. In true Gothic style, all such pieces put forward a psychological explanation for Catholic corruption: during the Victorian era, they blamed the what they saw as superstition, while today they blame celibacy and the whole Catholic attitude towards sex. Yet the only real psychological insight they have is into the attraction sordid stories have for the best of us. Don't put up with these cheap shots any longer! In novels they mean flat characters and predictable plots; everywhere else, they are irrational, over-emotional smears.
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Created by Enbrethiliel, h/t Julie D.

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