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Thursday, June 08, 2006

More Quiz Fun

Here's the What Kind of Homeschooler are You? Quiz.

I took the test twice and got different answers each time. However, as my oldest is only four, I guess I still have time to settle into a style. I would like to note to one and all that I have successfully taught a child to read -- where's my medal? Where's the champagne and paparazzi?

Hat tip to the always fascinating Opinionated Homeschooler, who is currently offering tips on buying used history books online.


Anonymous said...

What was your first result?

Mine was "You are Martha Stewart" or some such nonsense. This just because I do have flowers in an antique pitcher. Sheesh.
I WILL be taking it over again, too. And lying. (To myself, mostly.)

mrsdarwin said...

Oh sheesh -- first I was "The Unschooler", mostly because right now we're not really doing lessons. Then I was "Abraham Lincoln", relying on library books and classics. I think it's just too early in my homeschooling career for me to have an established style.