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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

And They'll Know We Are Christians...

There's nothing more jarring than reading a blistering email filled with "I hate, hate, HATE this" and "I don't care why, just FIX IT!!!" and then seeing it signed "In Christ," or "God Bless!"

I'm sure Lewis must have said something clever about this kind of thing in Screwtape Letters or Great Divorce, and not being nearly as clever as Lewis, I won't try.

However, one thing that's been brought home to me lately in other areas is that you never know when you're unknowingly serving as an example of what it's like to be a Christian. (Or whatever other system of beliefs you may be a proclaimed member of.) Which makes seeing rudeness followed by proclamations of religious sentiment doubly troubling.


Rick Lugari said...

You know, I read this last night on Bloglines but when I tried to come here to comment your page wouldn't load. There was something terribly wrong with the source code and it shouldn't have been allowed to happen. I hate that kind of thing and think it is terribly rude of you to have done that. Anyway, Merry Christmas and God bless.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...your page came up blank last night. It was very vvery vvvvvewy rude of you to not be available.
Merry Christmas from me too.