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Monday, April 23, 2007

Never the Twain Shall Meet?

Fr. Longenecker wonders whether there may be more overlap than is imagined between charismatics and traditionalists. The post in apparently inspired by a report that when a bishop addressing a large charismatic conference mentioned in his talk that he was looking forward to soon seeing wider use of the Latin Mass, the attendees cheered.

Fr. Longenecker speculates that while the two groups have widely divergent liturgical styles, where is at the same time a unity of purpose in that both are often refuges of those with an intense personal piety and loyalty to the pope.

But, of course, a couple people piled on in the comments to announce that it is the charistmatics who are the problems with the Church. Just in case anyone was worried that our internal lambs and lions were laying down together or anything...

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Kate said...

I have spent some time around two large charismatic Catholic communities, one in Ottawa, one in Ann Arbor, and both were very devout, very concerned with understanding and living according to the wisdom of the Church, and very much loyal to the magisterium. I have met some pretty wacky Catholic charismatics, but they were generally individuals or small groups who were isolated from a larger Catholic context for their experiences, and read pentecostal and protestant authors instead of the mystic Saints.

And my husband is a charismatic Catholic who loves latin in the liturgy. He doesn't see any contradiction in that, and neither do I!