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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Whirl of Fame

Notice our fun new badge on the sidebar? Some kind soul has nominated us for Best Religion Blog in the Blogger's Choice Awards. I attribute this directly to Jen's plea for more Catholic blog nominations.

Jen has also received a richly-deserved nomination and is currently trouncing us with her five votes to our three. It's on, girlfriend...

UPDATE: In the interests of getting some good Catholic guys in play, I've nominated Fr. Fox, Pro Ecclesia and Rich Leonari. Go campaign, gents. Let's get these atheists off the top slots. And the Caveman is already up.


Pro Ecclesia said...

Thanks for the nomination.

CMinor said...

Just checked, and it seems the atheists are moving down steadily.

Does anybody know how Wil Wheaton of Star Trek:TNG fame ended up nominated in the religion category? Or at all? Based on the top couple of posts he seems, much as I hate to say it, a snooze.

mrsdarwin said...


I had the same question, and came to the same conclusion. :)