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Thursday, December 20, 2007

And Now For Some Serious Political/Moral Commentary

Science fiction author John C. Wright helps us examine the really important questions, like truth and beauty.
So there you have it! The beauty contest method of choosing sides works roughly half the time without error! Considering how often folk are led astray by more complicated and profound processes of cognition, this shallowest of methods, judging the merits of the case by the surface appearances, cannot be dismissed out of hand.
This one's for you, Rick.


Rick Lugari said...

Heh, that was good in spite of all the science fiction stuff. ;)

Histor the Wise said...

I second Lugari there.


Bob the Ape said...

De re publica, I was distressed
And consumed with anxiety lest
I should back the wrong side;
Now, I've Wright's handy guide:
It's the bloc with the babes that's the best!