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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"...She Didn't. Move. A. Muscle."

Forget Marathon Man -- Bearing goes to the dentist, where the hygienist tells her a true horror story:
I actually work on a lot of people that it's the first time they ever had novocaine. Sometimes the first time they ever had dental work too. A lot of recent immigrants. People who don't speak much English. Makes it hard to communicate sometimes. I remember this one guy, he brought in his elderly father. After his shot, while we were working on him... well, I never saw anyone in the dentist's chair with such a big smile! The whole time we were working he had this big grin. The son was interpreting for him. They were from Ethiopia originally, I remember that. The son told me that his father thought it was magic that it didn't hurt. Can you imagine that? Magic.

But we don't let family members be interpreters anymore. We used to, but I brought it up in a staff meeting once and said it made me uncomfortable. And so now we use non-related interpreters. Ever since that staff meeting. It was after just about the worst day I ever had.

Read it and shudder.


Joseph said...

Dentistry was much worse in the 17th century.

Anonymous said...

The horror isn't the dentistry.