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Friday, February 01, 2008

Dirty Minds Behind CleanFlicks?

UPDATE: TS writes to inform us that an update has been posted to the link below, in which CleanFlicks denies that the offender ever worked for or was associated with them. Apparently CleanFlicks has filed a defamation suit against the man.
It seems that the co-founder of CleanFlicks has been arrested (along with a business partner) for paying a 14-year-old for sex. (HT: Matthew Lickona) Not only that, but he was apparently using a successor company, Flix Club, as a front for running a porn movie business on the side.

Though I objected loudly to the concept behind CleanFlicks when that was in the news a couple years back, it's perhaps going a bit far to blame the idea that you can make a bad movie into a good movie by removing objectionable scenes for the co-founder's downfall. At the least, though, it would seem that an excessive fascination with objectionable content did him a great deal of harm in the end.


TS said...

FYI - I sent this to a friend who emailed back: Turns out...the bad guy was a connection to CleanFlicks...they posted an update on the link you gave me.

mrsdarwin said...

Thanks, TS -- I've posted an update.