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Friday, August 29, 2008


Breaking news: CNN reports that John McCain has chosen Sarah Palin as his Vice-President.


The Deuce said...

Wow, for the first time in this campaign, something has happened that makes me feel... happy!

There've been moments of shadenfreude (like the Clintons getting snubbed, or Obama twisting and turning in the Wright debacle), but this the first thing that has really made me happy.

I'll actually be able to vote for McCain without holding my nose now.

SteveG said...

This is probably the only pick he could have made that makes me consider not sitting out this election! Excellent pick!

j. christian said...

An exclamation point, Mrs. D? A mother with a Down syndrome baby, already with a big career about to get bigger... Does it sit well with the home-schooling Catholic mom crowd? If so, why?

TS said...

Fired me up to the point of making me wanting to contribute $ towards the McCain campaign. I laid down till the feeling went away!

foursure said...

I am over the moon! Hooray for the Conservative, Smart, Pro-Life, History-Making Vice President!

mrsdarwin said...

j. christian,

I should be bothered because not every mother stays at home with her children and homeschools? At that point I would have died of apoplexy long ago.

I'm not against women working, though I don't choose to do so myself. Obviously she hasn't homeschooled any of her children, which I don't think everyone is required to do. It's not the choice I would make -- I have no desire to run for political office, ever -- but I'm delighted to see Mrs. Palin run for vice-president.

As to her having a down's syndrome son, she's very blessed to have a large family to help care for the baby. I'm delighted to see a pro-life mother with a down's syndrome child on a national ticket. Perhaps her example will help make a pre-natal diagnosis of down's syndrome less of a death sentence, especially as "Recent US studies have indicated that when Down syndrome is diagnosed prenatally, 84% to 91% of those babies will be killed by abortion.

I predict that the Catholic homeschooling mother demographic will be much more thrilled by the pick of Palin than, say, someone like Ridge.

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

She's pro-life, an NRA member who hunts, she's a Governor, she's got more experiance than Obama, she's got FIVE KIDS!!! and actually *cut* her state's spending-- what's not to love?

That she's smart and pretty is just a bonus.

Anonymous said...

The mayor of my city (San Diego) has a larger population to govern, and more employees under his management, than the governor of Alaska. Should he be Veep?


Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

I spent more time in Japan than BHO spent in the Senate. This gal has actually gotten things *done* with her time.

How about we worry about how much landmass the lady has managed? Or that she's the only one running for prez or VP that actually HAS management experiance?

Wait, that wouldn't support Obama... let's focus on how she doesn't have enough experiance to be a VP! Even though she's got more than Obama....

So far, it seem that folks are mostly accusing her of being a bad mother because her child is "unhealthy" and will need extra help. (I don't even have a Down syndrome close relative, and I bristled at that.)

crankycon said...

In an odd kind of way Palin's lack of experience just highlights Obama's even more. Every time their camp tries to play the inexperience card, they can throw it right back at them, and then point out that he's at the top of the ticket, she's just the Veep.

Judging by what I've read here and throughout most of St. Blogs, this was not just a homerun, this was a grand slam in the 9th - just like my man Beltran hit tonight in Miami!