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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kindly do not outsource the needful

Oh you guys, this is why we should not rely on the University of Google to supply us with knowledge. Here's a result from a google search on an NFP question:
after 5 and a partly days of bleeding browny red stuff (light, used panty liners) will i ovulate? i missed two pills thats why i get this bleeding.
i hold cramps at the moment but the bleeding have stopped.
what are the likelihood of me person pregnant if i have unprotected sex past i missed my pills?
It is concrete to utter exactly if you will ovulate and if you will obtain pregnant. The solitary point specifically for sure is that here is no track to know for sure. It is possible that you will ovulate and you could attain pregnant. In adjectives prospect, you probably will not, but it would be best to use a backup method until you are through your subsequent cycle.
I am almost ashamed to admit how Darwin and I howled. Running health info through a translator may not lead to accurate information, but it's right up there with the high comedy.

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