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Monday, May 16, 2011

My Soul Shall Live For Him

Long-time readers may remember praying for little Jack, who died in 2006 after battling cancer. His aunt, Barb (a long time friend of mine) was the one who kept us updated on his condition. Now Barb herself is struggling with cancer, and is scheduled today for surgery.
I was awake early this hands are a bit shaky as I type. It is a cool, cloudy day...when I put up the shade in our bathroom this morning and I looked out, I asked the dear Lord if I could see one little glimpse of blue sky. Just then some clouds moved and I got a glimpse of a tiny patch of blue; very quickly it disappeared again. God is good, indeed.
Please keep her and her family in her prayers today, and leave a note of support for her. She's blogging her cancer story at her blog, My Soul Shall Live For Him.