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Friday, April 13, 2012

Real Jobs

Foxfier has a good post up over at The American Catholic on the idiotic "being a full time mom is not a real job" attack which Obama proxy Hilary Rosen thought it might be a good idea to launch this week (which is probably about as big a favor as an Obama supporter could do to the GOP candidate apparent that no one on the Right really likes all that much.)
Yeah, I’m posting on that. Some idiot talking head makes a slam at a grandmother with MS and everyone has to comment about it. I think I have something worth saying, though, rather than just talking about it because it’s big.

I’m a stay at home mom. A home-maker. A house wife.

I have worked outside the home, before I got married, in a very similar field—I was a Petty Officer in the Navy, specializing in calibration. (Making sure things that measure are accurate enough.) Before that, I was in another similar field, at least sort of—I was a ranch kid.
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Foxfier said...

Thank you.

JMB said...

I think Rosen was expressing a common prejudice among the chattering class elite: that those without W2s live in a bubble and therefore are out of touch with reality and can not have any informed opinion on economics and politics. Other than playground politics and the school board, SAHM know nothing about nothing.

I say this because I was recently put down at a cocktail party by a good friend (and neighbor) who accused me of living in a bubble because I have been a SAHM for the past 17 years. The fact that he began his sermon on Rush Limbaugh's Sandra Fluke episode, when I interjected that I heard the entire episode live and asked if he had (no he was BUSY working and has never actually listened to Rush ever). Really? Because I don't get on a commuter train 5 days a week, travel to the same spot, spend 10 hours with the same people, do the same job and collect the same pay check week in and week out, who lives in a bubble here?

Foxfier said...

So, was the next angle of attack that you've got "anger issues" or are rude?