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Monday, June 25, 2012

Real Estate Deal of the Century

If I hadn't already spent that $42 million on our boiler, I would definitely have bought this Gilded Age mansion in NYC.

Seven floors, an elevator, umpteen bedrooms -- really a bargain at the price. And the history! This particular mansion was designed by Stanford White, celebrity architect and notorious for his attraction to young girls. He was later shot point blank by the jealous millionaire husband of actress/model Evelyn Nesbit, who at age 16 had entertained the then 47-year-old White by performing on a red velvet swing while in various stages of undress. The ensuing trial in 1906 was the first to be dubbed the "Trial of the Century".

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Julia said...

well now that you know where I live...


But if you ever come to NYC you can go to the Frick Collection, which is still housed in the mansion where it was collected.

And think of what that "Trial of the Century" would have been like in this era of mass media!