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Thursday, December 27, 2012

On the Third Day of Christmas

I'm back in the office today, getting in some much needed time on a couple of big projects and saving my vacation days for later. However, the household is still pretty much on a holiday footing. Yesterday we had Erin of Bearing Blog and her family over for dinner and to stay the night. This brought the household total up to nine children and with six inches of fresh snow having just fallen the kids had a blast building snow men and sledding. MrsDarwin and I had a great time with Erin and Mark: we sampled beer, we managed to get all the kids down with relative peace, and we talked by candle light for an hour when the power inexplicably when out.

Things are likely to continue rather low key around here for the new couple days, as we have family visiting. However, more posting and more Stillwater are coming. We hope you are all having a happy and blessed Christmas.

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