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Monday, July 22, 2013

On Cleaning The Schoolroom

"'Monasterium sine libris,' the abbot recited, pensively, 'est sicut civitas sine opibus, castrum sine numeris, coquina sine suppellectili, mensa sine cibis, hortus sine herbis, praum sine floribus, arob sine foliis... And our order, growin up under the double command of work and prayer, was light to the whole known world, depository of knowledge, salvation of an ancient learning that threatened to disappear in fires, sacks, earthquakes, forge of new writing and increase of the ancient..." 
--The Name of the Rose
Realizations before the beginning of the school year:

1) Not only do I not know as much as I thought I did about homeschooling, I actually know almost nothing.

2) It may be an act of humility to acknowledge that my system, such as it is, is pretty flawed, but that knowledge is useless if it doesn't lead to action.

3) What action should I take?

4) The schoolroom may be chaotic and disorganized, but a roomful and a houseful of good books will always be a comfort to me.

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