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Wednesday, June 04, 2014


Darwins, why no post for so long? you ask. Because it's WRITING TIME. Not post writing time. FinishTheNovel writing time, kids-go-watch-Looney-Tunes writing time, school's-out writing time. This is the point in the project where I realize what I thought would only take about 10K more words is going to take a lot more K than that, based on what's shaping up now. My kids walk in to find me making the same face as Kuzco up there, and they say, "Mooom! You're not writing!" But I am, kids, I am. That is my Writing Face.

Hoping to have something up by this weekend, but I still haven't steeled myself to the 4 am marathon yet. Still, there's progress, and the whole thing would go faster if I were willing to offer you a junky outline scene. But you, my readers, don't want a junky outline scene, and I'm all talk anyway because it's polish or nothing here.

So, time to put away distractions -- Facebook, email, yesterday's newspaper, the back of the cat food can, my son's library book, my daughter's crochet project, the pitcher of iced tea -- and write like the wind, if the wind looks like a dissatisfied llama staring at a screen.

For any new readers (if we even have those anymore) wondering what is going on, here: take and read Stillwater.


Catholic Bibliophagist said...

I'm rooting for you! Especially that you'll discover a way to write outside of the 4:00 AM marathon. I know -- from experience -- that it seems impossible for a mom to write except during the wee small hours. But it's also impossible for a mom's body to stay on that sort of writing schedule during the long haul. (I never discovered the secret, but maybe you'll have better luck. You certainly have more writing talent.)


Itinérante said...

I am a new reader! =D