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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Book Report 2: The Gift of the Magi, again

Three Paragraphs (on a story I read)
by A nonny mouse

Yesterday I was asked to read a short story about Cristmas, for school. This story was about a charming couple shopping for Cristmas gifts. The story was told from the wife's point of veiw. She fancied a set of combs the porpose of witch was to draw attention to and decorate one's hair. However there is till the problem of her present to her husband.

Shopping is, alltogether, a tedious buissness, espeasealy when one is short of money. Even so the wife cuts and sells her long brown hair for twenty dollars. With her newly earned money she buys, for her husband, a beautiful watch-chain for his treasured watch. Upon returning home, her husband is shocked at his wife's short hair. He has sold his watch to buy her the set of combs.

For some people, morals are hard to spot. So I shall present of of mine. Firstly the answer is neither to  (a) not give preasants or (b) to find out what you are reciving. These are very bad solutions. Nowadays, twenty dollars is a reasonable price for a nice gift. Back then twenty dollars was expensive, but you must remember that a gold watch-chain is a very nice gift. I belive that these two went a little overboard. The meaning of Christmas is not giving preasents. (Here I add that, however expensive, please don't pay for a gift with your own hair. It is not wise.) It is a day for going to mass and honoring our lord.

P.S. I think it would have been better for the wife to give a home-made gift instead.

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Enbrethiliel said...


GENIUS conclusion!

Has the writer of this report read the part in Little Women where Jo sells her hair?