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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Book Report: The Gift of the Magi

Three paragraphed book report of The Gift of the Magi
by she who must not be named


The "TOPIC" is unclear. Is it: Christmas, or shoping, Giving, or presents. Whatever it is they lose there top most treasured Item's.


The Plot is that the girl is sad because she only has $1.25 to get a present for her love. So she cuts her hair of so she has more money. She Ends up getting her love a chain for his watch but he sold his watch so she will have to work together to save up for the watch, but he bought hair combs for her hair, but she choped it off, but alls well that Ends well just not in this case.


The moral of the story is ask your love what they want for christmas. Simple presents can be the best so she could have given him a kiss instead or something grown up like that.



RL said...

Lol. Logical.

Darwin said...

MrsDarwin, let the record show that I'm always willing to accept " a kiss instead or something grown up like that" as a Christmas present.

bearing said...

we are laughing over the last line here, oh yes.