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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Project Elrond

We are all back at home, finally, after a jaunt to New York to pick up the big girls from a two-week visit to their uncle. We stayed with Anne Kennedy, whose elegant house is more homey and tastefully appointed after six weeks of residence than mine is after six years.

But on Thursday night, I had no big girls and no Darwin (who was out on a business trip just miles from the girls without being able to bring them home in the corporate jet), so we blew off steam by watching The Martian. I gave a stern injunction about how we do not use the kind of language that an astronaut under stress on Mars might be tempted to use, and we skipped the scene of space surgery, but other than that, it's pretty much the ideal movie for a seven-year-old boy. Unfortunately, he could not fully appreciate my favorite scene:


Mary said...

Fabulous movie, and one of my favorite scenes as well!

Joseph Moore said...

A fav in our house as well - that Project Elrond scene was a scream.

One of my daughters said, after the surgery scene, that if there ever were a time to legitimately drop an 'f' bomb, that was it.

mandamum said...

Yes, we all really enjoyed the Martian, especially my 8yo space-fanatic boy. We skipped surgery, but for my husband's sake :)