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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The All Clear

Darwin and I each received a letter from CPS, closing our case. We were thanked for allowing the caseworker to talk with us about our family, as if it were a social call. I suppose I should feel vindicated to have made a good impression:
After my visits with you, together we identified that your family has many strengths, including being a good, happy family and have a good marriage.
Huzzah for "have a good marriage"!

The letters arrived right after we got back from vacation, 2 1/2 weeks ago, but somehow I just didn't feel like writing about it -- my apologies to the people who've been praying for us so faithfully and waiting for news. When I think about it, I don't feel excited or relieved. As with so many things lately, I feel a great weariness. It just seems like one more thing in a long train of parenting events, a train that stretches on past my ability to see into the future.

But shaking myself from my lethargy: this is good news, and I'm glad that the episode is officially behind us. Now, on to starting schoolwork on Monday.

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GretchenJoanna said...

I did not read the post from August until after this post, but it still makes me sick in the stomach reading about the incident, even though, or because, I have read so many similar stories throughout my homeschooling years and ever since. Even if and when you get the All Clear, it has been a huge invasion of the family home and privacy, and the inquisition of the children especially makes me sad.

But I will be glad that it's over. Also glad that you have those good neighbors. (I wish that tattler would drive through the needy neighborhoods, and do more than tattle.)