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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Quick Takes on a Wednesday

It's the middle of November. We're more than halfway through NaNoWriMo, my house is disintegrating, I'm gaining weight, and I'm more than 10,000 words behind target. Excelsior!

1. What we're watching tonight, because I need a break:

2. What we're watching Friday night on PBS, and you join in too:

More info here.

3. What I'm looking forward to watching:

4. What people keep sending me:

5. What we're eating tonight: Simcha Fisher's Chicken Shawarma. This recipe makes a metric ton of food, so reduce at need.

6. What I'm reading: as always at this time of year, Marney's Thanksgiving Letter. Get out yer regulation size casseroles.

7. Added because I remembered it just now: I bought my Advent candles today. Now you remember it too so you're not caught off guard December 1.

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