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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

All Quiet on the Darwin Front

Well, so far no more monkeys are sick, nor is either one of us. This seems like a good sign. (Though mom and dad could still use another catch-up night of sleep.)

Work should have me running in rapid circles through up until the holiday (though hopefully not during the holiday) since there is a lot of pricing analysis to do in order to make sure we have all the right things on sale the right amount for the holiday weekend, while not losing all sorts of money.

After that, I'm hoping to do some heavy duty relaxing, reading and working on the playhouse. So while we may end up posting once or twice, things are going to be pretty quiet till next week.

I hope that all of you in here in the States have a great Thanksgiving, and those of you not, feel free to over-eat on Thursday as a sign of international unity.


Anonymous said...


Up for a game of GO on Thursday or Friday?

I'll be in town for the holiday.

Anonymous said...

A blessed Thanksgiving to all of the Darwins....hope everyone stays healthy!

Christopher Blosser said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you!