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Monday, November 19, 2007

Natural Law and the Hostile Audience

It is at times claimed that Catholic bloggers exist in a sort of echo chamber, where they can vent their views in completely undiplomatic terms to the cheers of those who already agree with them. I've no doubt there is some of this, though since I tend to restrict my reading to what interests me, I don't run into much.

However, sometimes you run into something so clearly an exception to this that it deserves to be singled out for praise. David of Cosmos Liturgy Sex writes about an experience I suspect many of us would rather bow out of: providing a brief exposition on Catholic teaching on sexuality to a campus PRIDE group, as part of an evening on presentations by various campus religious/ethical groups (as the token voice against the lifestyle decisions of the audience). His account of the event is a good example of how politely and simply presenting Church teaching through natural law can help even a potentially hostile audience to at least understand where Catholics are coming from.

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