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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A House made for a Family

So you want to live in Cincinnati -- specifically the west side. You have a growing family and need room. You want to be within walking distance of both a Catholic parish with a parochial school and a large girls' high school. You want a house which has enough corners and nooks that everyone can be around and yet not be under someone else's feet. And beautiful woodwork would be a nice plus.

Well, look no further. My dad finds it time to downsize and and is wanting to put his house on the market soon.

Here's a house that's been tried and proven by a large family. This is a traditional foursquare, built in (I believe) 1910. Downstairs we have four large rooms, plus a hall and a bathroom. There are beautiful old wood floors, french doors from the living room to the sitting room, a bay with a stained glass window in the dining room, and an antique stove in the kitchen (still in daily use!). The living room has a elegant mantelpiece (the fireplace is defunct, but the wood glows so warmly that you won't mind).

bonus shot of MrsDarwin in the mirror

Upstairs we have three bedrooms (two with a connecting door, one of which is above the dining room and also has the bay with the stained glass window; the master has a sitting area and another lovely mantelpiece) and a bathroom. There's also a hidden back staircase leading to the back yard. The attic has two bedrooms, a big dormer window, and a large closet. The top floor has been completely renovated and has up-to-date wiring. The roof is brand-new.

The back yard is large and would be wonderful for growing a big family garden. The basement is open and could come with a bonus small electric organ.

The house can be a bit of a fixer-upper in places, but it's gorgeous and it's perfect for lots of people -- just ask my five siblings.

Anyone interested? Drop me a note.

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TS said...

Mmmmm....I love old houses.

I also see that self-reports of your need to lose weight were greatly exaggerated. Congrats! Looks like you're already ready for the May wedding.