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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A tale of two toilets

I take this post verbatim from an email to a friend.
Did you hear about that? Sunday morning, as we're getting ready for church, we had to give the downstairs toilet its morning plunge [this is a daily occurrence] and while I was pulling up the float thingie to keep the water from overflowing, it snapped off. So now I'm trying to hold down the button with my thumb and plunge with the other hand while [Darwin] is trying to keep water from spraying all over. Eventually we got the stupid toilet plunged and the water shut off, and we decided heck with it, it's time to buy a toilet that freaking flushes.

Behold, a toilet that freaking flushes.

This post is dedicated to TS, who first acquainted me with the term "toilet poor".

Forgot to mention: Don't be jealous, St. Blog's guys, but installing a toilet is twice as fun when Rick Lugari is there to help.


Jim Janknegt said...

I just replace two toilets at our house with the Home Depot Brand, Glacier Bay. They were cheaper than most of the others. They were easy to install (no extra trips to the hardware store-everything you need is included). They are low water users yet flush great. I think there is even a rebate if you live in Austin.

TS said...

I'm filled with gratitude for having a post dedicated to me, even if it is a post about a toilet. :-)

And I'm relieved to hear you are going to get a toilet that flushes. I like those kind much better. I was feeling guilty thinking "what right do I have to such an amazing toilet when down in Texas the Darwins suffer the opposite?" But then I remembered it's six degrees in Columbus and I'm freezing my arse off and it's at least forty degrees warmer in Texas so I got over it right quick.

Anyhow, I think you'll find a working toilet a quality of life issue. At least I found it disproportionately so!

mrsdarwin said...

Anyhow, I think you'll find a working toilet a quality of life issue.

I haven't had to plunge (in that bathroom) for a day and a half. That's some kind of record!

Jim, we bought a package deal, but at Lowes'. However, there are still two more toilets in the house that could be replaced, so we'll have to look into that rebate (though Round Rock isn't as progressive as Austin in that regard).

Kiwi Nomad 2008 said...

Having just looked at Rick Lugari's photoshop skills on his Housewarming post, I would be more than a little concerned about what he might do to any toilet installation photos!!!! Looks like a very grand toilet to enjoy.

Rick Lugari said...

Now now, Kiwi, I had nothing to do with the photos. But if you look close enough you may find remnants of my work - an unprofessional globby mess of silicone smeared everywhere it shouldn't be.

Amber said...

Ah, I bet that is nice! We're getting very close to installing our first toilet - I need to mop and seal the floor, then we can put it in place. Then I can FINALLY!! cancel the port-a-potty. That'll save us $85 a month *and* we won't have to go outside in the cold and rain to use the bathroom. Ah, that will be so nice.